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Hochegg in Obergurgl – 360° View

A sense of freedom - freeriding in Ötztal

At first glance, freeriding and ski touring may not appear to have that much in common: however, the Hochegg is a paradise for ski tourers and freeriders alike. The high-altitude Alpine environment surrounding our house in Obergurgl offers backcountry enthusiasts and fans of open terrain a wealth of opportunities to answer the call of freedom and enjoy the snow off piste. Freeriding in Ötztal means one thing: snow. Guaranteed snow. At altitudes of 1800-3080 metres, from autumn right through into spring, Obergurgl-Hochgurgl offers the finest powder and splendid snow conditions. The pros also know to appreciate the terrain, and their skills are impressively demonstrated during the OPEN FACES OBERGURGL-HOCHGURL competition. When it comes to ski touring in Obergurgl, the Hochegg is the perfect starting point: your tour through the stunning mountain scenery starts directly outside our front door, and if you wish, accompanied by our own guide, Gabriel Falkner.  

Off-piste ski touring in Obergurgl