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Hochegg in Obergurgl – 360° View

Summer in Ötztal – the Obergurgl Experience

“The village wreathed in a glacier” - Obergurgl can look back on an eventful history. The first settlement on the site of the current village dates back to 7500 B.C. The village was first mentioned in writing in 1250. Living in the isolation of the high-altitude Alpine world, for hundreds of years life for its residents was an everyday struggle to survive. But even in the early days of Alpine tourism in the early 20th century, the Gurglers evinced their talent as mountain guides. With the construction of the first lifts in the 1950s, winter tourism found its way to the furthest reaches of the Ötztal valley. In May, 1931, Obergurgl became famous almost overnight: the news of balloon pioneer Auguste Piccard’s emergency landing on the Gurgler Ferner electrified the press around the world. Today, Obergurgl is a modern village which has achieved a successful symbiosis between humans and nature. The Obergurgl Experience can be found not only on the ski slopes, hiking trails and climbing routes - a wide range of pastimes for the active, the curious, the gourmet-lover and the leisure seeker are just waiting to be discovered!

Timmelsjoch Hochalpenstraße and Top Mountain Crosspoint

Since 1960, the Timmelsjoch Hochalpenstraße has been the Ötztal gateway to the south. Over 60 km, this route winds its way from Obergurgl to St. Leonhard in Passeiertal, South Tyrol, through countless hairpin bends and curves. The Timmelsjoch Hochalpenstraße is legendary amongst racing cyclists - especially in conjunction with the Ötztal Cycling Marathon - as well as mountain bikers and motorcyclists. The exceptional route is also an experience by car, offering stunning views and breathtaking panoramas. Since spring 2016, the Timmelsjoch-Hochalpenstraße has offered a new attraction: the Top Mountain Crosspoint is located at 2,160 meters above sea level, and in addition to a first-class restaurant and a panoramic sun terrace, here you will find Europe's highest motorbike museum. Visitors can marvel at 170 nostalgic motorbikes from over 70 brands spread out over a surface area of ​​2,600 m².

Leisure and adventure in Obergurgl

The mountains of Obergurgl can be explored not just on two wheels, but also on horseback. Both beginners and advanced riders get their money’s worth during hours in the paddock and modern indoor riding arena, as well as on excursions on the “gentle blondes”, as the Tyrolean Haflinger horses are known. If you’re looking to get into the swing of things, why not head to the “2000” tennis complex: this state-of-the-art tennis complex directly above the heart of the village offers the latest in artificial turf technology with joint-cushioning effect.

Timmelsjoch Hochalpenstraße, Top Mountain Crosspoint and more …